Be You- Hi Beautiful You

Welcome to my new “BE YOU” blog!  Why BE YOU?   Because who else do you want to be?  After my exit as President and Founder of per-fekt beauty, I took 'Time Out' FOR ME and did things I always wanted to do but never did without the fear of being judged. I traveled, reconnected with friends, made new friends, enjoyed beach time, gym time, MORE gym time and even became certified as a Personal Trainer. Since "Everybody Is an Actor in LA, I signed with PKA Talent and auditioned for Commercials.   

I quickly learned that “ME Being ME” made me happy and that my mission in life "to help people feel better about themselves" was not over and I really missed the Beauty Industry!

Say “hi” to my Indie Beauty Brand Hi Beautiful You!  Hi Beautiful You is all about YOU being YOU, or in technical terms, “it’s about you expressing your most authentic self”.   Hi Beautiful You products are designed in a way that let you be you, not that photoshopped girl on the cover of a magazine or what people expect us to be."   What a concept?  Right??   

Having said that, and since it’s that time of the year to show more skin!  Let’s talk about Tanning!   

OH, PALE, NO!  Girls (and boys) just wanna have sun!

First, I have never understood why women and men grab that old fashioned hard to apply, smelly self-tanner that can often leave your skin looking like an Oom-pa Liim-pa!  (did you see that Friends episode) Here is a clip….Ross Gets a Spray Tan | Friends (

Problem Solved:  Say “hi” to The Most Natural Tan, EVER, (even the sun)!

From the creator of per-fekt body perfection gel, try the absolute best instant wash off body bronzer, Hi Beautiful You, BE YOU BODY | Body Perfecting Bronzer (just read the reviews!)

No Orange (I’ve been told it’s the best bronzer for fair skin) No Hassle (it’s Easy to apply), No Exfoliation, No Tanning Applicator, No Streaks. No Spots.  No Chemical Smell.   No Commitment.  NO DHA!   Conventional selftanning formulations use relatively high levels of DHA (up to 15 %), causing unnatural orange tones, smell due to the Maillard reaction (a burnt biscuit stench, or wet puppy dog), and uneven deposition of color and skin dryness. 

In summary, It’s not your mother’s body makeup, cakey leg makeup, etc.   It’s a revolution in self-tanning!   It’s a breakthrough transfer-resistant multi-functional wash off bronzer gel (some call it magic mud – because this one shade fits all formula looks like MUD!) that instantly melts into your skin (like budda’ 😉) to improve tone, reduce the appearance of redness, bruises, varicose veins, scars, stretch marks and dry rough skin.  Hyaluronic Microspheres hydrate and tone, Ceramides and Shea Butter nourish and soften, Orange Peel Extract, revives and refreshes while Iron Oxides leave the most natural tan ever!

The Next Generation of Self Tanner has arrived!    GET YOUR TAN ON NOW Your Easy & Healthy Alternative to Traditional Self Tanner! – Hi BEAUTIFUL YOU

 @HiBeautifulYou offers Multi-Tasking, Must Have Fav's, that are QUICK and EASY to apply, Merging Modern Skincare Formulations w/ silky smooth color.  It’s easy makeup for beginners and has been voted best makeup for mature, older skin.

All products are engineered w/ Buildable BE YOU Technology designed FOR YOU to go from a Natural look to a Glam look depending on YOU.

If you have not tried my products, you gotta'!
I promise your skin, body, lashes, (whatever) will "Thank You". “So do I” 🙏

The 'BE YOU' GENERATION of Beauty is "All About You"!


Thank you for joining me as I continue my mission in life:  

To Help YOU Feel Better About YOU!

Richard Anderson

President | Founder